Paul Lewis Composer

Film, Television and Concert Composer.

Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis composed his first score for a major British TV drama at the age of 20

TV & Film

From high drama with Peter O'Toole to children's comedy (Woof!) by way of Benny Hill and Monty Python

Silent Movies

Jazz at the Movies, New Zealand National Jazz Festival, Tauranga 2010

Concert Music

In Turkey conducting the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra, April 2011

A Harp Composer in Paris!

Rue de la Harpe


Paul Lewis Composer

I composed my first score for a major British TV drama in 1963 at the age of twenty, thereafter producing a forty-seven-year-long stream of orchestral and instrumental TV scores and library music until for the last ten years devoting myself almost entirely to concert works. 

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Film, TV & Concert

Paul Lewis has been producing wonderful music for British television for more than thirty years with some staggeringly beautiful results.....(He) attacks his projects with a full cinematic mentality that would match Hollywood's best.
Andrew Keech
- Music from the Movies
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