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I've had the pleasure and privilege of working with the world's two greatest classical harmonica virtuosi: once with Larry Adler and many times over a twelve-year period with Tommy Reilly. Tommy played the solo part on several series' of the long-running TV children's comedy "Woof!" before ill health forced him to retire. His place was taken by James Hughes, a wonderfully versatile player whose lyrical talents are showcased in the "Serenade and Dance" CD we made together in 1997. Latterly I've been lucky enough to work with Chris Shrimpton, for whom I composed "On Pevensey Levels", which he recorded with the Chamber Ensemble of London. 

Published by Goodmusic:
ON PEVENSEY LEVELS harmonica & strings
ON PEVENSEY LEVELS harmonica & piano

Published by Schott
SERENADE AND DANCE harmonica & piano

Published by Broadbent & Dunn:
A SOMERSET GARLAND harmonica & piano
SPRING SUITE harmonica & piano
IMPROMPTU harmonica & piano
IMPROMPTU harmonica & harp
SERENATA harmonica & harp

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