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"A composer of great integrity.......Paul has been writing quality music, be it for TV, commercials, concert works, radio or production libraries for years and knows exactly what is required." John Williams, Editor of 'TV Composer Guide',1996.

Lewis's music has been heard in every territory of the world where films and TV programmes are shown and has reached an audience of many millions over the years.  

Over thirty TV series' and one-offs dating from the '60s to the '90s featuring Lewis's music have been issued on DVD.

SELECTED TV SCORES (for complete list go to drop-down page FULL TV CREDITS)

Naples Open City aka Napoli - City of the Damned BBC 4 Storyville/France Arte 2008: documentary about the allied Occupation of Naples after WWII and its lasting effects.

Bernard's Watch Central TV 1997-2001: popular children's series about a boy with a magic stopwatch that could stop releases.

Woof! Central TV 1988-97: smash-hit Emmy Award-winning children's comedy based on Allen Ahlberg's book about a boy who turns into a dog. Nine series with worldwide sales and many video releases. US DVD release entitled 'A Boy Called Woof!'

The Dark Angel BBC2 1989: Gothic mini-series adapted from 'Uncle Silas' by Sheridan le Fanu, starring Peter O'Toole and Beatie Edney. DVD release. Suite of music from The Dark Angel on CD.

Seal Morning Central TV 1985: much loved serial based on Rowena Farre's autobiographical story of the rescue and raising of a baby seal. Shown three times. DVD release in the USA. Theme tune on CD.

The Prisoner of Zenda BBC 1984: serialization of Anthony Hope's famous swashbuckling novel for BBC Classic Serials. Theme tune on CD.

Swallows and Amazons Forever! BBC 1983: serialization of two of the Arthur Ransome stories. DVD release.

Lady Killers Granada TV 1980/81: dramatized court cases of famous murder trials: women killers, series 1, killers of women, series 2. DVD release.

Spring and Autumn Thames TV 1973/74: gentle sitcom starring Yorkshire comedian Jimmy Jewel. Four series shown twice and repeated on UK Gold. DVD release of all four series'.

Arthur of the Britons HTV 1972: twenty-four part adventure series starring Oliver Tobias, shown three times. (Title music by Elmer Bernstein.) DVD release.   CD soundtrack realease.

Westward TV Station Opening Music to accompany daily start-up film with shorter version every evening at close-down 1971-81. CD release.

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