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Film, Television and Concert Composer.


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I am very approachable and have never employed an agent as I enjoy talking to people and making my own decisions! 

My TV and film scores have encompassed drama of all types: romantic, horror, costume and comedy, as well as children's series', wildlife, features, animation and commercials.

My library music has likewise covered every conceivable mood and ensemble, 'straight' and jazzy: orchestral, chamber ensemble, solo instruments, small group with rhythm section etc. etc..

My concert works are tonal and audience-friendly, and show off the instruments they are written for to their best advantage without making impractical demands on the players. My works are frequently happy or romantic and are mostly inspired by people, places or historic buildings and personages dear to me.

I am an enthusiastic conductor of my own music and enjoy addressing audiences at concerts, believing the public should be able to feel a connection to the music and to the musicians on the platform. 

"We never expected to understand a new piece of music at first hearing, let alone ENJOY it!" is a typical reaction from an audience member to my work.

"A smile always ready and a laugh only an upbeat away" - Richard Amey, talking about me in The Worthing Herald.

So don't be shy! Get in touch with me by using the Contact page on this website. 

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